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Organic Green Cardamom Pods

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Cardamom - Green, Organic

Ellettria cardamomum
Also known as:
Green Cardamom, Green Cardamom Pods, Cardamom, Cardamom Pods
Indian, Middle Eastern, Scandinavian, German, Russian
Taste Adventures:
Indian Slow Braised Meat Dishes, Pilafs, Chai Masala, Hawaj, Mulling Blends, Spiced Cakes, Pastries, Ethiopian Berbere, Baharat, Biryani
Organic Green Cardamom

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Cardamom has a citrusy and flowery taste with a hint of camphor due to the cinole oil. The pods are hulled to collect the seeds, which are then ground. Cardamom is great for enhancing both sweet and savory dishes. It is used in Indian slow braised meat dishes, pilafs, desserts and teas. Our ground cardamom is ground in small quantities to help keep the taste fresh!

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