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Chorizo Seasoning - Salt Free

Chorizo Seasoning - Salt Free

Also known as:
Chorizo Blend
Taste Adventures:
Pork, Turkey, Chicken, Beef, Eggs, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Tofu, Deviled Eggs
Ancho Chile, Guajillo Chile, Paprika, Organic Garlic, Organic Cumin, Organic Allspice, Organic Clove, Thyme, Organic Black Pepper, Marjoram, Oregano, Cinnamon, Bay, Sea Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar Powder (Cider Vinegar, Non-GMO Corn Maltodextrin)

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The taste of great Mexican chorizo in a jar! Use to season ground pork, turkey, tofu, or chicken. Delicious with eggs too. Also good when you want to spice up squash and sweet potatoes.This is salt free, so add your own to taste if desired.

Try this easy recipe to make your own homemade Mexican chorizo:
1lb of cold ground pork, preferrably 80% lean and 20% fat
4 tsp Chorizo Seasoning
2 Tbs cold water

Mix cold water with Chorizo seasoning in a medium-sized bowl - the water will add a nice texture to the sausage. Add in the cold ground pork and mix all ingredients thoroughly by hand, just until the seasoning looks evenly distributed and the mixture is slightly sticky, about 5-10 minutes. Fry up with some sliced onions or cooked, diced potato for a simple taco filling, or refrigerate and use within 4 days.

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