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Taco Seasoning

Taco Seasoning

Mexican, American
Taste Adventures:
Ground or Shredded Beef, Ground Turkey, Ground or Shredded Pork, Ground or Shredded Chicken. Beans, Tofu, Potatoes
Organic Cumin,Onion,Garlic,New Mexico Chile,Sea Salt,Nora Chile,Annatto,Tomato,Bell Pepper,Pequin Chile,Black Pepper,Oregano,Cayenne,Non-GMO Corn Starch,Silicon Dioxide

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This taco seasoning is an easy way to make home made tacos. Add to ground or shredded beef, ground turkey, ground or shredded chicken or ground or shredded pork. Try with beans, tofu or potatoes for a zesty vegetarian option. For more heat, add cayenne or your favorite chile.

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