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  1. Tropical Island Blend - Salt Free

    Tropical Island Blend - Salt Free

    Starting at: $6.09

    This salt free blend has the sweet aroma of the tropics and a spicy, lively flavor. Use as a dry rub or mix with oil to marinade fish, poultry, pork and vegetables. Excellent on steamed fish. Delicious in stews. Great for the stove top, oven or grill. See below for our easy grilled pork chops and pineapple rounds. Learn More
  2. Enchilada Seasoning  - Salt Free

    Enchilada Seasoning - Salt Free

    Starting at: $4.89

    This salt free blend make delicious, quick and easy enchiladas at home. Mix into ground meat, shredded chicken, or cheese for flavorful enchilada fillings. Try the recipe below for an easy enchilada sauce. Learn More
  3. Chile Lime Seasoning

    Chile Lime Seasoning

    Starting at: $4.79

    Out of stock

    This tart, tangy, spicy seasoning is excellent sprinkled on fresh fruit, corn, jicama and cucumbers. Mix in mayonnaise, yogurt or sour cream as a dip or marinade. Use as a rub on vegetables or meats before grilling. A good drink rimmer too. Experiment and have fun! Learn More
  4. Chili Powder - Mild - Salt Free

    Chili Powder - Mild - Salt Free

    Starting at: $4.89

    This salt free, flavorful, mild heat chili powder is delicious in homemade chili, stews, soups, meat rubs, popcorn, enchiladas, rice dishes and deviled eggs. Add cayenne for extra heat or chipotle morita powder for natural smokiness. Learn More
  5. Chermoula Blend

    Chermoula Blend

    Starting at: $6.29

    Popular in Moroccan, Tunisian, and Algerian cuisines, this blend makes a great rub or marinade for fish, poultry and vegetables. Create a paste by mixing with olive oil and lemon juice. Learn More
  6. Kabsa Spice Blend - Salt  Free

    Kabsa Spice Blend - Salt Free

    Starting at: $5.29

    Kabsa spice blend is used to make the Saudi Arabian dish called Al Kabsa or Al Kabsah, a chicken and rice dish. Also good as a rub for lamb, fish, chicken, veggies or beef. Use in rice or pasta too. It is salt free. Learn More
  7. Mole Coloradito - Salt Free

    Mole Coloradito - Salt Free

    Starting at: $4.29

    Out of stock

    This delicious salt free and sugar free mole blend is great with turkey, chicken and pork. Good as a rub or made into a complex sauce. For fun and extra deliciousness, add dark chocolate or see below for a simple mole sauce recipe. Learn More
  8. Taco Seasoning

    Taco Seasoning

    Starting at: $5.99

    This taco seasoning is an easy way to make home made tacos. Add to ground or shredded beef, ground turkey, ground or shredded chicken or ground or shredded pork. Try with beans, tofu or potatoes for a zesty vegetarian option. For more heat, add cayenne or your favorite chile. Learn More
  9. New Mexico Chile Powder

    New Mexico Chile

    Starting at: $4.39

    Out of stock

    New Mexican Chiles are delicious with a mild heat. The whole chiles and flakes are a dark maroon, almost brown when dried. The powder is a red, orange color. This chile is popular in red Southwestern and Mexican dishes such as Chile Colorado. Learn More
  10. Chimayo Chile - Ground

    Chimayo Chile

    Starting at: $5.99

    Harvested in Chimayo, New Mexico, these chiles are fruity, gently sweet, nutty with a mild heat of 4,000 and 6,000 SHUs. Delicious in enchiladas, chilis, sauces and soups. Great flavor without a lot of heat! Learn More
  11. Green Jalapeno Chile Flakes

    Green Jalapeno Chile

    Starting at: $4.59

    This spicy, flavorful and aromatic green jalapeno flakes and powder makes it easy to add the great taste of green jalapenos to your favorite dish. Excellent on everything from eggs to corn bread to mac n' cheese. Learn More
  12. Mexican Vanilla Extract

    Vanilla Extract - Mexican

    Starting at: $18.89

    Out of stock

    This extract is made from Vanilla Beans from Mexico, which are smooth, strong and rich in flavor and aroma. Like Madagascar Vanilla it is used to flavor baked goods, ice creams, desserts, teas, fruit dishes, teas, liquors and less frequently in seafood and vegetables. Mexican Vanilla is considered more woodsy in flavor where as Madagascar Vanilla is considered more spicy. Learn More
  13. Brown Chipotle Powder

    Brown Chipotle Chile

    Starting at: $3.99

    Brown Chipotle chiles are made from jalapeno peppers which are smoked as a way to dry them. They are between 5,000-10,000 heat scoville heat units. Brown Chipotle chile powder adds great smoky, flavor to chili, stews, BBQ, corn bread and as rubs for meats or vegetables. Learn More
  14. Oregano - Mexican, Cut and Sifted

    Oregano - Mexican

    Starting at: $4.99

    Mexican oregano has a stronger and more tangy taste than Mediterranean oregano. It's stronger flavor does well in Southwestern, Mexican and Latin American cuisines. Learn More
  15. Mediterranean Oregano

    Oregano - Mediterranean

    Starting at: $3.29

    Mediterranean oregano has a softer, more sweet and minty taste than oregano from Mexico, which has more of a tang to it. Mediterranean oregano is used extensively in Italian food, from pizza to pasta sauces and in Greek food, from fish to salads. Learn More
  16. New Mexico Hatch Chile Powder

    New Mexico Hatch Chile

    Starting at: $4.49

    New Mexico Hatch Chiles have an earthy chile flavor with undertones of wild cherries . The heat is 8,000-12,000 scoville heat units. From Hatch, New Mexico, this chile is popular in red Southwestern and Mexican dishes such as Chile Colorado. Simply use the powder to add this delicious chile to your dish. For whole chiles, rehydrate by soaking in soak hot water or cook with your food for 10 minutes. Learn More
  17. Mediterranean Orgeano, Organic

    Oregano - Mediterranean, Organic

    Starting at: $3.29

    Mediterranean Oregano has a more sweet and minty taste than Mexican Oregano, which has more of a tang to it. Mediterranean Oregano is used extensively in Mediterranean cuisine, particularly Italian food, from pizza to pasta sauces and in Greek food, from fish to salads. This aromatic and flavorful Oregano is organic. Learn More
  18. Epazote


    Starting at: $3.29

    The pungent leaf is used primarily in Mexican cuisine. In addition, while used for it's taste, it is added to bean dishes for it's unique savory flavor and to ease digestion. Learn More
  19. Smoked Serrano Chile Powder

    Smoked Serrano Chile

    Starting at: $4.39

    Smoked Serrano Chiles have a smoky, savory taste and aroma, coupled with fruity undertones. They are a delicious addition to sauces. They have a heat of 8,000-22,000 scoville heat units. To re-hydrate the whole chiles, soak in hot water or cook as part of a dish for at least 10 minutes. The powder is great too when you want to easily add this smoky chile to your dish. Learn More
  20. Puya Chile

    Puya Chile

    Starting at: $5.39

    Puya chiles are small, fruity hot chile peppers, with a heat of 5,000-8,000 scoville heat units. They are similar to Guajillo, but hotter and smaller. To rehydrate, soak in hot water or cook for 10 minutes. To release more flavor, roast at 250F for 3-4 minutes. Learn More
  21. Pequin Chile - Whole

    Pequin Chile

    Starting at: $5.49

    This small, deep orange-red colored chile is hot, at 40,000-50,000 scoville heat units, and has citrusy and sweet overtones. It is great in many Mexican dishes, from shrimp diablo to sauces and stews. To rehydrate, soak in hot water or cook for 10 minutes. Learn More
  22. Pasilla Negro Chile Powder

    Pasilla Negro Chile

    Starting at: $4.09

    This chile, whose name means "little black raisin", combined with Guajillo and Ancho, are key ingredients to Mole. The heat is between 1,000-2,000 scoville heat units. In addition to mole, this chile goes well in salsa, soups, cream sauces, stews and even meatloaf. To re-hydrate, soak in hot water or cook for 10 minutes. Or, use the powder to easily add flavor to a dish. Learn More
  23. Pasilla de Oaxaca

    Pasilla de Oaxaca Chile

    Starting at: $19.99

    Out of stock

    This rare chile is grown and smoke dried in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. It has a more complex, smokier taste than a Chipotle pepper with a bit more heat. Can be used in Mexican and Southwestern cuisine. Try in sauces, chili con carne, pickles, or stuffed and fried as chile Rellenos. Learn More
  24. Ghost Pepper Sea Salt

    Ghost Pepper Sea Salt

    Starting at: $5.29

    Sea Salt is blended with Ghost Chile Peppers, for a tingly, intense heat filled sea salt taste. Try it wherever you want extra heat and a great sea salt. While it is a good finishing salt, use sparingly until you know your threshold for heat. It is truly an experience for your taste buds! Learn More
  25. Habanero Powder

    Habanero Chile

    Starting at: $5.79

    Habanero chiles are very hot (range from 100,000 to 350,000 scoville heat units), with a hint of fruity flavor. It is often an ingredient in Caribbean, Jamaican Jerk and Southwestern cuisines. Please use in moderation, handle with care and avoid contact with your eyes. Learn More
  26. Guajillo Powder

    Guajillo Chile

    Starting at: $3.79

    The Guajillo Chile is a mild chile with 2,500-5,000 scoville heat units. It has a slight fruity flavor coupled with piney, berry undertones. Guajillo, combined with the Ancho and Pasilla, are used in traditional mole sauces. Learn More
  27. De Arbol Chile - Flake

    De Arbol Chile

    Starting at: $2.89

    De Arbol chiles, whose name means "tree like", are used in many different cuisines, from Southwestern, Italian to Spanish. It has a hot and dry, tannic flavor. An alternative to cayenne pepper, it rates 7.5 on a scale from 1-10 for heat. It adds a great heat and taste to stews, soups, salsa, pizza and pasta. The flakes make it easy to use. For the whole chiles, to re-hydrate, soak in hot water or cook as part of a dish for at least 10 minutes. Learn More
  28. Chipotle Morita - Flakes

    Chipotle Morita Chile

    Starting at: $3.69

    This spicy and smoky chile has a touch of sweet and is great in meat marinades, barbecue rubs, chilis, stews, soups and enchilada sauces. This chipotle is made from morita chiles, which are first smoked and then dried. Use the ground or flakes to add this spicy, smoky flavor to your dish. For whole chiles. rehydrate by soaking in hot water or cook for 10 minutes. Learn More
  29. Cascabel Chile

    Cascabel Chile

    Starting at: $6.59

    Cascabel is a mild chile with 1,000-2,500 scoville heat units. When you want a pepper mild, nutty and tangy, this is it. It is great for sauces, soups and stews. Once the desired flavor and heat is in the dish, it is best to remove the chile as the casing is too tough to serve. However, it is excellent pureed and used in a salsa. Learn More
  30. Ancho Chile Powder

    Ancho Chile

    Starting at: $3.89

    The Ancho chile, or "the wide chile", is a dried red, poblano chile pepper. It's heat is mild at 2,500-3,000 SHU with a pleasant, sweet raisin flavor. It is a key ingredient for a good mole sauce. Enjoy ancho powder or flakes when you want to easily add the flavor of this delicious chile. Learn More
  31. Chile Threads

    Chile Threads

    Starting at: $4.99

    Out of stock

    Chile threads are thin threads of dried red pepper, that are mild in flavor and are an attractive garnish to soups, salads, hor d'ouevres and fish. The They can be lightly toasted to bring out more flavor. Learn More

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