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  1. Shawarma Blend - Salt Free

    Shawarma Blend - Salt Free

    Starting at: $5.09

    This salt free spice blend is perfect for rotisseries, grilling or roasting lamb, beef and chicken. Use Shawarma Blend as a marinade with oil or simply sprinkle on lamb, chicken, tofu or seitan. Try our delicious Chicken Shawarma preparation below. Learn More
  2. Merguez Blend

    Merguez Blend

    Starting at: $5.99

    Enjoy the savory, delicious flavors of our Merguez Blend, whose recipe originates in North Africa. Mix 2 tablespoons or more to taste per lb. of meat. Season lamb, beef, pork or tofu for the grill. Great for making your own meatballs, hamburgers or your own Merguez Sausage. Delicious too with slow cooked pork, lamb or a pot of lentils. Learn More
  3. Dill Seed

    Dill Seed

    Starting at: $2.99

    Dill seeds have an anise like taste and caraway aroma, and is used in curries, pickling, vinegars as well as breads and cakes. Learn More
  4. Chaat Masala

    Chaat Masala

    Starting at: $5.59

    Chaat Masala is a favorite condiment for Indian street food. It has a unique sweet, sour, salty, spicy, tart, tangy and pungent taste. Delicious on fried foods, chick pea dishes, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Learn More
  5. Tabil Seasoning - Salt Free

    Tabil Seasoning - Salt Free

    Starting at: $5.89

    Tabil, which means coriander in Tunisian Arabic, is an all purpose Tunisian seasoning used as a rub for meat, poultry, fish, which can also be added to soups, stews, couscous, veggies & salads. With notes of fresh coriander, caraway, fennel and garlic, it adds delicious complexity to stews or sauces like Harissa. This blend is salt free. To season lamb for a delicious burger or kebab, see our recipe below! Learn More
  6. Biryani Masala - Salt Free

    Biryani Masala - Salt Free

    Starting at: $5.59

    This vibrant biryani masala blend is perfect for your favorite North Indian basmati rice dish. As you like, add lamb, chicken, fish or vegetables. This blend is salt free. Learn More
  7. Dukkah, New York Times Recipe

    Dukkah, New York Times Recipe

    Starting at: $5.99

    This Egyptian nutty, delicious blend makes for a great appetizer where first you dip bread in extra virgin olive oil and then in the Dukkah. Use vegetables instead of bread for a lower carb treat. Good on meats too. This is from a recipe in the New York Times. Learn More
  8. Harissa


    Starting at: $5.19

    Popular in Tunisia, North Africa and the Middle East, mix this spicy and delicious Harissa spice blend with olive oil to make a paste. Use on grilled meats, vegetables, breads, couscous, pilaf and stews. It is a great condiment as a paste from putting on Shawarma, as a dip for bread, a topping for hummus or spicing up roasted carrot. Experiment and have fun! Learn More
  9. Caraway Seeds

    Caraway Seed

    Starting at: $3.89

    This is a savory and pungent spice, having a bittersweet taste with a hint of anise. It is a key ingredient in Central European cuisine, and can be found in rye bread, pumpernickel bread, sausages, soups, stews, cabbage, goulash and in Harissa. Grind the seeds to release their full flavor, but use quickly as the flavor dissipates after grinding. Learn More
  10. Ajowan, Whole


    Starting at: $4.49

    This is a strong spice that smells like thyme and contains thymol. When roasted, it has a caraway like flavor. It is typically used in southern Indian cooking, vegetarian foods and is an ingedient in Ethiopian Berbere. Learn More
  11. Nigella


    Starting at: $3.89

    Also known as Black Caraway, these black seeds have a nutty, earthy and bitter taste. It is used in breads, pilafs, vegetable dishes, curries and kormas. Learn More

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