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  1. Vadouvan Ace

    Vadouvan Ace

    Starting at: $5.99

    Vadouvan Ace is a rich & bold blend of South Indian spices. This delicious and versatile seasoning can be enjoyed when making curries, seafood, chicken dishes, lamb, lentils, sauteed or roasted vegetables, egg dishes & even sprinkled on popcorn. See below for our delicious veggie samosas, which can also be made easily with store-bought wonton wrappers. Learn More
  2. Berbere - Salt Free

    Berbere - Salt Free

    Starting at: $5.29

    This salt free, spicy and savory Berbere is made in traditional Ethiopian style using unique African spices. Delicious with lentils, in stews like Doro Wot, or used to season stir-fried beef or roast chicken. Add salt to taste. See our recipe below for a memorable Doro Wot - an Ethiopian spiced chicken stew. Learn More
  3. Green Cardamom Pods

    Cardamom - Green

    Starting at: $6.39

    Cardamom has a citrusy and flowery taste with a hint of camphor due to the cinole oil. The pods are hulled to collect the seeds, which are then ground. Cardamom is great for enhancing both sweet and savory dishes. It is used in Indian slow braised meat dishes, pilafs, desserts and teas. Our ground cardamom is ground in small quantities to help keep the taste fresh! Learn More
  4. Shawarma Blend - Salt Free

    Shawarma Blend - Salt Free

    Starting at: $5.09

    This salt free spice blend is perfect for rotisseries, grilling or roasting lamb, beef and chicken. Use Shawarma Blend as a marinade with oil or simply sprinkle on lamb, chicken, tofu or seitan. Try our delicious Chicken Shawarma preparation below. Learn More
  5. Ethiopian Caradmom (Korarima)

    Caradmom - Ethiopia (Korarima)

    Starting at: $7.59

    Korarima or Ethiopian Cardamom is used in a variety of cuisines, including Ethiopian, Eritrean, Sudanese, Ugandan and Tanzanian. It is used in the famous Ethiopian spice blend, Berbere. It is also brewed with coffee for a savory warm drink. Delicious added to stews. Learn More
  6. Garam Masala - Salt Free

    Garam Masala - Salt Free

    Starting at: $6.29

    This salt free Garam Masala is made in a traditional style from a complex combination of roasted and ground spices. It is a delicious blend that goes well in everything including classic Indian cuisine, curries and roast lamb, vegetables or seared fish. Be adventurous and try it in spiced desserts. Learn More
  7. Apple Pie Spice - Salt Free

    Apple Pie Spice - Salt Free

    Starting at: $4.39

    This delicious and aromatic blend is great with all things apple. Use it when making apple pie, an apple tart, an apple cobbler, apple sorbet or spiced apple juice. This blend is salt free. Learn More
  8. Chesapeake Bay Seasoning

    Chesapeake Bay Seasoning

    Starting at: $5.79

    This seasoning is excellent for your next shrimp or crab boil. Great when added to crab cakes and delicious on grilled seafood. Wonderful with chicken and rice dishes too. Learn More
  9. Casablanca Tagine Blend - Salt Free

    Casablanca Tagine Blend - Salt Free

    Starting at: $6.39

    Create aromatic and delicious Moroccan tagines at home with this beautiful, salt free blend. Add to soups, stews, rice and couscous dishes. Try our recipe below for a comforting spiced Casablanca Tagine with Chickpeas, vegetables, dried fruit and nuts. Learn More
  10. Piri Piri Blend

    Piri Piri Blend

    Starting at: $6.79

    An exciting combination of West African flavors, this Piri Piri Blend is spicy, tangy and citrusy. Use as a rub or marinade. It adds great flavor to chicken, pork. fish, tofu and crunchy vegetables. Excellent for grilling or roasting. Learn More
  11. Pacific Heights Blend

    Pacific Heights Blend

    Starting at: $6.39

    This delicious blend has citrus and ginger notes, bringing out the best in fish, poultry and vegetables. Use as a rub or in a marinade. Great for grilling, roasting, baking or stir fry. Learn More
  12. Red Cardamom - Cau Guo

    Cardamom - Red (Cau Guo)

    Starting at: $4.79

    Red Cardamon or Cau Guo, also known as Chinese Black Cardamom has an earthy, gently smoky aroma. It is popular in Szechuan and Chinese cuisines. Delicious in slow, braised meat dishes. Learn More
  13. Malaysian Curry Powder - Salt Free

    Malaysian Curry Powder - Salt Free

    Starting at: $4.99

    Make a wonderful curry with the taste of Malaysia using this salt free blend. Delicious with lamb, beef, seafood, chicken, turkey, vegetable, egg, and tofu curry dishes. Tastes great with coconut milk. It is salt free. See recipe below to make a creamy and delicious Malaysian shrimp curry! Learn More
  14. Singapore Curry Powder - Salt Free

    Singapore Curry Powder - Salt Free

    Starting at: $5.59

    This salt free blend is delicious with seafood, poultry, meat, tofu and vegetable curry dishes. See our recipe below for a delicious Singapore style stir-fried curried rice noodles. Learn More
  15. Hot Madras Curry

    Madras Curry - Hot

    Starting at: $5.29

    This Hot Madras Curry is spicy hot and full of flavor. Great for creating your favorite curry dishes. Delicious with lentils, dal, rice, vegetables, potatoes, chicken and lamb. Learn More
  16. Vindaloo Curry Powder

    Vindaloo Curry Powder

    Starting at: $4.99

    This delicious curry powder packs a good heat and will help you create a vibrant, spicy hot curry dish for chicken, lamb, tofu, vegetables, soups and stews. Even good for spicy dips or deviled eggs. See recipe below for a simple and delicious Chicken Vindaloo recipe - or substitute lamb as desired. Learn More
  17. Tikka Masala - Salt Free

    Tikka Masala - Salt Free

    Starting at: $6.19

    This salt free spice blend transforms a creamy tomato based sauce into Tikka Masala, a favorite Indian-inspired dish in the United Kingdom. Great when making your own Chicken Tikka Masala, even on fish or tofu. Try our recipe to make a delicious Tikka Masala sauce. Learn More
  18. Advieh Blend - Salt Free

    Advieh Blend - Salt Free

    Starting at: $5.59

    Popular in Persian cuisine, this salt free blend is warm, vibrant, and aromatic. It is delicious in rice dishes, couscous, lentils, cauliflower, stews, and soups. It is excellent as a rub on chicken and lamb. Try our recipe for roast chicken with Advieh below for an exotic take on a classic roast chicken. Learn More
  19. Hawaj Blend - Salt Free

    Hawaj Blend - Salt Free

    Starting at: $6.19

    This sweet and delicious Yemenite blend adds great flavor and aroma to coffee. It is salt free and sugar free. Add just a 1/4 to 1/2 of a teaspoon to an already brewed cup of coffee or mix in first with ground coffee and then brew. Wonderful in baked desserts or puddings. Try in an apple cobbler or paired with squash as a side. See our recipe below for a fun holiday side dish with sweet potatoes and pure Maple Sugar. Learn More
  20. Baharat - Salt Free

    Baharat - Salt Free

    Starting at: $5.29

    Baharat is a warm, aromatic Middle Eastern blend whose balance of spices varies from region to region. It is delicious in lentils, pilafs and tomato based sauces. Excellent in marinades or as a rub on meat or fish. This is salt free. Learn More
  21. Tandoori Masala - Salt Free

    Tandoori Masala - Salt Free

    Starting at: $5.89

    This aromatic, savory and salt-free blend is delicious rubbed on meats or seafood before grilling or baking. Try mixing first with Greek yogurt to taste to form a paste to coat your chicken, lamb or seafood before grilling, roasting or baking. Enjoy making this easy recipe below. Learn More
  22. Chai Masala Blend - Salt Free

    Chai Masala Blend - Salt Free

    Starting at: $4.99

    This delicious and aromatic blend contains all the spices needed for a comforting Chai. Add just a 1/4 teaspoon of Chai Masala to your cup of black tea and stir in sugar or honey to taste, for an authentic Indian spiced tea. This is also wonderful as a flavor in cakes and pots de creme. Experiment and have fun! This blend is salt free and sugar free. Learn More
  23. Tastes of China Gift Set - 9 Jars

    Tastes of China Gift Set - 9 Jars


    These spices and blends will help you create delicious Chinese dishes. Each of the 9 are in a 1/4 cup glass jar. Five Spice Blend Szechuan Five Spice Blend (with Szechuan Peppercorns) Star Anise Pieces Szechuan Peppercorns Green Szechuan Peppercorns White Pepper - Ground Ginger Powder, Organic Soy Sauce Powder Red Cardamom (Cau Guo) Learn More
  24. Madras Curry

    Madras Curry

    Starting at: $5.29

    Easily make delicious curry dishes with our Madras Curry Powder. It is excellent with chicken, lamb, lentils, dal, seafood, and vegetables. Great in deviled eggs, too. Learn More
  25. Sweet Curry Powder, Organic - Salt Free

    Sweet Curry Powder, Organic - Salt Free

    Starting at: $4.49

    Use this delicious organic, salt free, sweet curry powder in your favorite curry dishes, pilaf and deviled eggs. It has a gentle heat. Learn More
  26. Vadouvan


    Starting at: $5.99

    Vadouvan is a delicious, savory aromatic blend that is the French interpretation of curry. It is heavenly and can be used in place of traditional curry powder. It is wonderful on everything from lamb to squash to deviled eggs to even popcorn. A customer of ours recommends the recipe below for a roast chicken with Vadouvan curry powder and white wine. Learn More
  27. Japanese Curry - Salt Free

    Japanese Curry - Salt Free

    Starting at: $4.39

    This delicious and aromatic salt free Japanese Curry goes great with chicken, stewed beef, fried pork (katsu curry), vegetables and rice. Learn More
  28. Galangal Root Powder

    Galangal Root

    Starting at: $4.29

    This spice is very popular with Thai and Southeast Asian cuisines. Greater galangal is the type that is more frequently used. It has a lemony taste that has hints of a sour blend of a mixture of cardamom and ginger. Learn More
  29. Black Cardamom

    Cardamom - Black

    Starting at: $6.49

    Black cardamom, has a pine-like taste with a smoky, earthy aroma. It is an intense spice which should be used sparingly. It is an ingredient in Indian Cuisine, most notably in rice dishes, stews, and garam masala. See our quick recipe below for a tasty side dish of richly aromatic Spiced Basmati Rice. Learn More

29 Item(s)

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