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  1. Hibiscus Tea Blend

    Hibiscus Tea Blend

    Starting at: $8.39

    This loose leaf Hibiscus tea blend makes a delicious, healthy, hot or cold beverage. Simmer 10 minutes for a soothing hot herbal tea or steep in the refrigerator overnight for a cold infusion. Sweeten to taste if desired. One 1/2 cup jar makes a gallon of this flower tea. A delicious and healthy mix for a cocktail too. It is sugar free and salt free. Learn More
  2. Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

    Cinnamon - Sri Lankan (Ceylon)

    Starting at: $7.19

    Sri Lankan Cinnamon, also known as Ceylon Cinnamon or True Cinnamon, comes from the dried bark of the evergreen tree of the laurel family. This specie of Cinnamon has a gentler and sweeter flavor than Vietnamese Cinnamon. It is a popular ingredient in pastries, cakes, cookies, mulled wine, teas and Mexican hot chocolate. For dishes that benefit from it's sweeter and gentler taste, it is also added to savory dishes, including lamb and chicken tagines, rice dishes and eggplant. Learn More
  3. Tuxedo Peppercorn Blend

    Tuxedo Peppercorn Blend

    Starting at: $5.59

    This black and white peppercorn blend has a vibrant, peppery taste with a good heat. Use everyday for both cooking and finishing. Put in a clear pepper mill if you want to enjoy the beauty of this black and white blend. Learn More
  4. Sriracha Sea Salt

    Sriracha Sea Salt

    Starting at: $4.69

    This spicy and tangy blend of sea salt flakes and Sriracha sauce will enliven any dish, from vegetables, noodles, seafood, meats, popcorn, rice, stews, soups and eggs. Experiment and have fun! Learn More
  5. Spicy Sea Salt Gift Set - 7 Jars

    Spicy Sea Salt Gift Set - 7 Jars


    These 7 spicy, sea salts range from the mild to the super hot. Sprinkle on everything from meats to vegetables to popcorn. Each is in a 1/4 cup glass jar, They include: Trinidad Scorpion Sea Salt Ghost Pepper Sea Salt San Francisco Fire Sea Salt Habanero Chile Sea Salt Sriracha Sea Salt Calabrian Sea Salt Chipotle Sea Salt Learn More
  6. Nutmeg, Organic - Whole

    Nutmeg, Organic

    Starting at: $5.09

    Nutmeg is an aromatic spice with a bitter sweet, clove-like flavor. It is a wonderful ingredient in wide variety of desserts, lamb and meat stews, ragouts and sauces. Learn More
  7. Cassia Cinnamon Sticks

    Cinnamon - Cassia, Sticks

    Starting at: $5.99

    Cassia comes from the dried bark of the evergreen tree from the laurel family. Cassia and Cinnamon are often spoken of interchangeably, but Cassia originated in Burma and Cinnamon originated in Sri Lanka. Cassia has a more intense aroma and flavor than cinnamon. It is good in savory dishes, such as curries, duck and pork. It is also good in fruit and vegetable dishes, from apples, plums, pumpkin and sweet potatoes. The Korintje cassia is milder than the cassia from Vietnam. Learn More

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