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Our chiles & peppers are packaged in recyclable glass jars to help keep their freshness. They are from all over the world. Each is listed below in alphabetical order. Switch to grid mode for condensed list.

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  1. Aji Amarillo Chile Powder

    Aji Amarillo Chile

    Starting at: $3.99

    This beautiful & aromatic chile is great when you want to add a spicy & fruity flavor. Add to stews, sauces and rubs as well as your favorite Peruvian dishes. It turns from yellow to orange as it matures, and is often called the Yellow Chile or Peruvian Chile. To use the whole chiles, re-hydrate by soaking in warm water and puree or cook as part of a dish for 10 minutes. The powder is great for flavor and ease of use. Learn More
  2. Aleppo Chile Peppers - Crushed

    Aleppo Chile Pepper

    Starting at: $4.19

    These flakes are made from a special chile variety, traditionally sun-dried and ground with a small amount of oil to preserve their vibrant, sharp taste. Moderately spicy and fruity, delicious on any dish! It is perfect for adding pepper to your favorite Mediterranean dish. Good on beef, lamb, chicken, rice and soups. Quite delicious! This chile was once grown in Syria but is now grown in Turkey, and is still called Aleppo Chile Pepper. Learn More
  3. Ancho Chile Powder

    Ancho Chile

    Starting at: $3.89

    The Ancho chile, or "the wide chile", is a dried red, poblano chile pepper. It's heat is mild at 2,500-3,000 SHU with a pleasant, sweet raisin flavor. It is a key ingredient for a good mole sauce. To re-hydrate, soak in hot water or cook as part of the dish for 10 minutes. Enjoy too the Ancho powder or flakes when you want to quickly add the flavor of this delicious chile. Learn More
  4. Brown Chipotle Powder

    Brown Chipotle Chile

    Starting at: $3.99

    Brown Chipotle chiles are made from jalapeno peppers which are smoked as a way to dry them. They are between 5,000-10,000 heat scoville heat units. Brown Chipotle chile powder adds great smoky, flavor to chili, stews, BBQ, corn bread and as rubs for meats or vegetables. Learn More
  5. Calabrian Chile Flakes, Crushed

    Calabrian Chile (Peperoncino)

    Starting at: $5.49

    Calabrian Chiles from Calabria, Italy have a spicy, mildly fruity taste and aroma. Excellent with pizza, pasta, garlic bread, stews, chilis, soups, salsa and for infusing olive oil. Try our new Calabrian Chile Flakes Premium Grade for an especially amazing chile flake. Learn More
  6. Carolina Reaper Chile Flakes

    Carolina Reaper Chile

    Starting at: $15.99

    One of the hottest chiles on earth, the Carolina Reaper is a hybrid of the red savina habanero and red naga. It is fruity and extremely hot at 1-1.4 million scoville heat units. Take caution and use sparingly. Do not touch eyes or face after handling. Learn More
  7. Organic Cayenne Pepper

    Cayenne Pepper, Organic

    Starting at: $4.19

    This organic cayenne is hot and flavorful heat from 20,000-30,000 scoville heat units. It is great on anything from pizza, curries, Arbiatta sauce, chutneys, seafood and other dishes. Learn More
  8. Chile Threads

    Chile Threads

    Starting at: $4.99

    Chile threads are thin threads of dried red pepper, that are mild in flavor and are an attractive garnish to soups, salads, hor d'ouevres and fish. The They can be lightly toasted to bring out more flavor. Learn More
  9. Chiltepin Chile

    Chiltepin Chile

    Starting at: $11.99

    The Chiltepin or Tepin Chile is known as the official native pepper of Texas. It is a small, round chile pepper that packs a heat of 50,000-100,000 scoville heat units. This is the oldest of the capsicum annuum species and is thus often referred to the "mother of all chile peppers". To re-hydrate, soak in hot water or cook as part of a dish for at least 10 minutes. Learn More
  10. Chimayo Chile - Ground

    Chimayo Chile

    Starting at: $5.99

    Harvested in Chimayo, New Mexico, these chiles are fruity, gently sweet, nutty with a mild heat of 4,000 and 6,000 SHUs. Delicious in enchiladas, chilis, sauces and soups. Great flavor without a lot of heat! Learn More
  11. Crushed Red Pepper Flakes - Cayenne

    Crushed Red Pepper Flakes - Cayenne

    Starting at: $3.29

    This crushed red pepper is from cayenne pepper and packs a vibrant heat with great flavor. Perfect for sprinkling on top of pizza, pasta, infusing olive oil, chilis, soups, stews and salsa. The range of heat is 30,000-50,000 SHU. Learn More
  12. De Arbol Chile - Flake

    De Arbol Chile

    Starting at: $2.89

    De Arbol chiles, whose name means "tree like", are used in many different cuisines, from Southwestern, Italian to Spanish. It has a hot and dry, tannic flavor. An alternative to cayenne pepper, it rates 7.5 on a scale from 1-10 for heat. It adds a great heat and taste to stews, soups, salsa, pizza and pasta. The flakes make it easy to use. For the whole chiles, to re-hydrate, soak in hot water or cook as part of a dish for at least 10 minutes. Learn More
  13. Gochugaru Chile Pepper Flakes

    Gochugaru Chile

    Starting at: $3.79

    Gochugaru has a vibrant taste with a gentle heat and mild sweetness. It is used in many Korean dishes. Wonderful to add a mildy spicy and slight sweet flavor to meats, stews, soups, kimchi and vegetables. A little bit of sea salt is used in the drying process. Some cooks enjoy this chile in lieu of Aleppo Chile. Learn More
  14. Green Jalapeno Chile Flakes

    Green Jalapeno Chile

    Starting at: $4.59

    This spicy, flavorful and aromatic green jalapeno flakes and powder makes it easy to add the great taste of green jalapenos to your favorite dish. Excellent on everything from eggs to corn bread to mac n' cheese. Learn More
  15. Guajillo Powder

    Guajillo Chile

    Starting at: $3.79

    The Guajillo Chile is a mild chile with 2,500-5,000 scoville heat units. It has a slight fruity flavor coupled with piney, berry undertones. Guajillo, combined with the Ancho and Pasilla, are used in traditional mole sauces. Learn More
  16. Habanero Powder

    Habanero Chile

    Starting at: $5.79

    Habanero chiles are very hot (range from 100,000 to 350,000 scoville heat units), with a hint of fruity flavor. It is often an ingredient in Caribbean, Jamaican Jerk and Southwestern cuisines. Please use in moderation, handle with care and avoid contact with your eyes. Learn More
  17. Kashmiri Chile Powder

    Kashmiri Chile

    Starting at: $5.89

    This beautiful, rich tasting, spicy chile from Kashmir, India is great in Indian dishes, from Tandoori to Rogan Josh. It has a medium heat and is a good alternative to cayenne. Learn More
  18. Marash Chile Flakes

    Marash Chile Flakes

    Starting at: $5.89

    From Turkey, these have a rich, earthy, slightly fruity taste with a moderate heat. It is a great chile pepper to use with chicken, lamb or vegetables.Sprinkle on eggs too. It is also good for infusing olive oil or combining with lemon. Learn More
  19. New Mexico Chile Powder

    New Mexico Chile

    Starting at: $4.39

    New Mexican Chiles are delicious with a mild heat. The whole chiles and flakes are a dark maroon, almost brown when dried. The powder is a red, orange color. This chile is popular in red Southwestern and Mexican dishes such as Chile Colorado. Learn More
  20. New Mexico Hatch Chile Powder

    New Mexico Hatch Chile

    Starting at: $4.49

    New Mexico Hatch Chiles have an earthy chile flavor with undertones of wild cherries . The heat is 8,000-12,000 scoville heat units. From Hatch, New Mexico, this chile is popular in red Southwestern and Mexican dishes such as Chile Colorado. Simply use the powder to add this delicious chile to your dish. For whole chiles, rehydrate by soaking in soak hot water or cook with your food for 10 minutes. Learn More
  21. Nora Chile Flakes

    Nora Chile

    Starting at: $5.59

    Nora Chiles are often used to make paprika, and are also known as the paprika pepper or pimiento choricero. They have a sweet, earthy taste and a mild heat. Use in romesco sauce, paella, stews and soups. Learn More
  22. Pasilla de Oaxaca

    Pasilla de Oaxaca Chile

    Starting at: $19.99

    This rare chile is grown and smoke dried in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. It has a more complex, smokier taste than a Chipotle pepper with a bit more heat. Can be used in Mexican and Southwestern cuisine. Try in sauces, chili con carne, pickles, or stuffed and fried as chile Rellenos. Learn More
  23. Pasilla Negro Chile Powder

    Pasilla Negro Chile

    Starting at: $4.09

    This chile, whose name means "little black raisin", combined with Guajillo and Ancho, are key ingredients to Mole. The heat is between 1,000-2,000 scoville heat units. In addition to mole, this chile goes well in salsa, soups, cream sauces, stews and even meatloaf. To re-hydrate, soak in hot water or cook for 10 minutes. Or, use the powder to easily add flavor to a dish. Learn More
  24. Pequin Chile - Whole

    Pequin Chile

    Starting at: $5.49

    This small, deep orange-red colored chile is hot, at 40,000-50,000 scoville heat units, and has citrusy and sweet overtones. It is great in many Mexican dishes, from shrimp diablo to sauces and stews. To rehydrate, soak in hot water or cook for 10 minutes. Learn More
  25. Piment D'Espelette

    Piment d'Espelette

    Starting at: $11.99

    Piment d'Espelette is an exceptional chile pepper from the Espelette region of France. It has a pleasingly sharp taste with a hint of fruit, natural sweetness and mild heat. Espelette Pepper is an AOC(appellation controlee) natural product, meaning it's production and quality are carefully controlled on it's way to the table. It is a staple spice of Basque cuisine, a key ingredient in Piperade, and adds wonderful flavor to everything from paella to mayonnaise, or even popcorn. Store Piment d'Espelette in a cool, dark place to preserve it's natural color and flavor. Learn More
  26. Puya Chile

    Puya Chile

    Starting at: $5.39

    Puya chiles are small, fruity hot chile peppers, with a heat of 5,000-8,000 scoville heat units. They are similar to Guajillo, but hotter and smaller. To rehydrate, soak in hot water or cook for 10 minutes. To release more flavor, roast at 250F for 3-4 minutes. Learn More
  27. Red Savina Habanero Chile Flakes

    Red Savina Habanero Chile

    Starting at: $6.99

    This is a beautiful and extra hot special habanero chile at 250,000-350,000 scoville heat units. It has clear, searing heat with a light apricot flavor and aroma. Take great caution in handling this extra, hot chile pepper. Do not rub your eyes or touch your face after handling this chile pepper. Learn More
  28. Salemme Pepper Flakes

    Salemme Pepper

    Starting at: $7.99

    Grown by the Salemme family in Connecticut for generations, this is a delicious, aromatic, crushed red pepper with a vibrant heat. Great in pasta sauces, chilis, stews, curries and salads. Learn More
  29. Scotch Bonnet Chile - Whole

    Scotch Bonnet Chile

    Starting at: $9.99

    Scotch Bonnet Chiles have a tomato like - fruity flavor with a tongue tingling heat of 100,000-350,000 SHU. Popular in Caribbean and West African cuisine, they are delicious in Jerk blends, sauces and salsas. Learn More
  30. Smoked Serrano Chile Powder

    Smoked Serrano Chile

    Starting at: $4.39

    Smoked Serrano Chiles have a smoky, savory taste and aroma, coupled with fruity undertones. They are a delicious addition to sauces. They have a heat of 8,000-22,000 scoville heat units. To re-hydrate the whole chiles, soak in hot water or cook as part of a dish for at least 10 minutes. The powder is great too when you want to easily add this smoky chile to your dish. Learn More
  31. Thai Chile Flakes

    Thai Chiles

    Starting at: $5.39

    This is a key ingredient in most of the Thai Curries and is great in stir-fries. It is quite hot at 50,000-100,000 scoville heat units. To re-hydrate, soak in hot water or cook as part of a dish for at least 10 minutes. The flakes make it easy to add the flavor and heat of this wonderful chile. Learn More
  32. Trinidad Scorpion Chile - Powder

    Trinidad Scorpion Chile

    Starting at: $13.99

    The Trinidad Scorpion is one of the hottest chiles in the world with a heat of approximately 600,000-1,400,000 SHU. While hot, it has a fruity flavor. Handle with extreme caution and use sparingly. Do not touch your eyes or face after handling. This is the Butch T variety of Trinidad Scorpion Chiles. Learn More
  33. Urfa Biber Chile Pepper Flakes

    Urfa Biber Chile Pepper

    Starting at: $4.39

    Urfa Biber Chile Pepper has a smoky, raisin like flavor with a moderate heat. It is grown in the Urfa region of Turkey. It is a delicious addition to both savory and sweet dishes. Olive oil and sea salt are used in the chile drying process. Learn More

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