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Aleppo Chile Peppers - Crushed

Aleppo Chile Pepper

Capsicum annuum
Also known as:
Aleppo Chile, Aleppo Pepper, Halaby Pepper
Mediterranean, Turkish, Middle Eastern
Taste Adventures:
Lamb, Chicken, Beefs, Stews, Soups, Rice, Vegetables, Use wherever you want delicious flavor and moderate heat!
Aleppo Chile Pepper, Vegetable Oil, Sea Salt

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These flakes are made from a special chile variety, traditionally sun-dried and ground with a small amount of oil to preserve their vibrant, sharp taste. Moderately spicy and fruity, delicious on any dish! It is perfect for adding pepper to your favorite Mediterranean dish. Good on beef, lamb, chicken, rice and soups. Quite delicious! This chile was once grown in Syria but is now grown in Turkey, and is still called Aleppo Chile Pepper.

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