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Hawaiian Alaea Red Gold Sea Salt

Hawaiian Alaea Red Gold Sea Salt

Also known as:
Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt
American, Asian
Taste Adventures:
Pork, Fish, Beef, Vegetables
Sea Salt, Purified Red Clay

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This regional sea salt is harvested from the waters of Hawaii and combined with ceremonial Alaea clay. The purified clay subtly offsets the saltiness and adds a beautiful brick red hue. This salt is used in many Hawaiian dishes, including Kahlua Pig, Hawaiian-style jerky, or on fish like Ahi Poke. Our simple, slow-cooked Kahlua Pork Shoulder recipe below is a great traditional usage of Hawaiian Alaea salt.

Kahlua Pork Shoulder:
Pork, seasoned simply with salt and smoke, buried and cooked for hours underground is an ancient Hawaiian tradition. Historically wrapped in banana leaves and cooked with heated stones, our version simply uses a slow cooker and some sliced bacon to add a rich smokey flavor to the pork.

5 lbs pork shoulder, de-boned
3 or 4 slices of smoked bacon
1 1/2 Tablespoons Red Gold Sea Salt

Take your pork shoulder and trim any skin and excess fat from the outside. Pierce the meat with a knife and sprinkle salt on all sides. Line the bottom of your slow cooker with the bacon and place the pork shoulder on top, then lid the cooker. Set your slow cooker to low and to cook 8-12 hours until tender and juicy, then remove pork from the liquid and shred slightly. Dress shredded Kahlua Pork with some of the seasoned cooking liquid and serve with rice, greens, macaroni salad, or enjoy for breakfast with fried eggs.

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